Day Dreaming


  1. 我们都还没有真正的建立客观自然与我们的大脑里感受的对应关系,却已经发展了一套物理和生物学,然后利用这些知识来重建这种对应。这是循环论证。现代科学问题多多。那么,如何建立一个真实的客观自然和大脑直接的映射?
  2. 我希望写些科幻,我有很多想法,我已经把框架架好了,但是却没有好的故事文笔,也没有好的讲故事的技巧。所以我希望通过另外的一些方式来讲述科幻故事,不同于传统的文字声音和视频,我希望利用一切能用的手段来讲述,比如最近我建立了一个IIA的网站。我希望通过不断的更新,在同一个背景下面写一些日志,一些事件。通过这些来讨论一些问题,比如苏梅恩将自己的意思转移到了物联网上,这样苏梅恩还活着么?什么才是永生? 与小伙伴们一起创立了星际移民中心,具体内容可以去我们官网查看。

  3. 我们之所以被很多问题所困扰,比如到底什么才是永生,是否是因为我们太过高傲,把个体看的太重要呢?我们的世界是一个整体,这个整体有自己的目的,个体只是整体的微不足道的部分。讨论个体的意义?哈哈,我想太多了。

I am planning my whole life.
——I am inspired by the Danplan. BTW: 10000 hours is really a long time.

  • Blueprint
  • I write down my dreams here. As the Danplan said, it is not so important whether these would come true. I would make my efforts, and all the efforts would be my most precious treasure in my life.

    1. Contribute to physics.
    2. Try my best to explore the unknown world and correct the errors people made in the past. Question the basic principle; work on reliable problems.

    3. Travel around the world.
    4. Not all the cities of course.

    5. Travel under the sea.
    6. Just try to watch the undersea scenery.

    7. Get my own island.
    8. And build my own house on the island.

    9. Marry a bio girl.
    10. A bio wife is a wife working on bio science.

  • The Plan
  • The plan is really simple:

    Stick on the road to physicist. [A physicist is an extraordinary excellent physics worker.] Work hard everyday.

    Talk to brilliant and enthusiastic people. Work on your original ideas. However, my purposes are the items listed in the blueprint. Any roads without harming others or violating the laws are acceptable.

  • The Past
    1. 2011-12-01 ~ 2012-12
      1. The easier calculation of matter power spectra.
      2. The effect of modified gravity on matter power spectra.
      3. Try the brand new model including disformal transformation.
      4. Cosmological data analysis.
    1. 2011-04-23 ~ 2011-09-03
      1. Focus on cosmology and make my own contribution on that.
      2. I have no better criterion but publishing at least one good paper. However, it should be noticed that paper is not always the best judgement.

      3. Strive for the approving of a better university. At least not as bad as this one. At least there are suitable people to talk to. At least there is peace among most people. At least there is someone to learn from and work with.
      4. First work hard on English so that I can read and write faster.

    2. Progress
    3. To check the the progress, think about whether I work enough time on cosmology and finish the wordlists.

      GRE(100%, finished):

      Currently working on some ideas about distinguish different dark energy models. I made many mistakes in these days and I am really unhappy about that. I hope I can be a Mr. Right, at least not a Mr. Wrong.(A note here: I am making less mistakes in my calculation now.)