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Typography of this Website

Basic Syntax

This website uses kramdown as the basic syntax. However, a lot of html/css/js has been applied to generate some certain contents or styles.

Math also follows the kramdown syntax.

Notes div

<div class="notes--info" markdown="1">
Some notes here, with markdown support

<div class="notes--success" markdown="1">
This is success text

<div class="notes--warning" markdown="1">
This is warning text

<div class="notes--error" markdown="1">
This is error text

Please beware that with markdown="1" the content and div tags have to be on different lines.

Figure with Caption

<figure markdown="1">

Please determine the path of the image according to the path of the post itself. Otherwise, an absolute path can be specified,


where http://openmetric.org is the configured url of the site.

Table of Contents

* ToC

is used to generate table of contents.

By OctoMiao