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About the Author

TL;DR: I am a physics PhD candidate at University of New Mexico, dealing with supernova neutrinos.

  • Topics I am working on:

    1. neutrino oscillations
      • neutrino oscillations in matter
    2. neuron physics
    3. application of artificial neural network
  • Topics I have worked on:

    1. piezoelectric ceramics,
    2. cosmic evolution: the role of dark energy,
    3. modified gravity (f(R) gravity).

Presentations & Talks

My Speaker Deck is here:

Online Docs

  1. NeuPhysics: A GitHub Organization for Neutrino Physics.
  2. Intelligence: some notes on neuroscience, machine intelligence, etc.
    • An unfinished blog: meant to be a blog however abandoned.
    • CoChiSquare: Chisquare fitting for supernova data. Using transition redshift as a cosmological parameter.
    • PowerSpectrum: Harison-Zeldovich prescription and power spectrum.
    • ModiGraviDoc: Documents on modified gravity.I use Mathematica as the editor to show more details on the derivations and the programming techniques.
    • CoMaPack: Cosmology Mathematica Pack based on GREAT.m by Tristan Hubsch. A series of packages are hosted here, including some basic general relativity calculations, cosmology background calculation, cosmological perturbation calculation, etc.
  3. For fun:
    1. Transportation among the stars
    2. Interplanetary Immigration Center
    3. A Online Clock that converts Earth time to Martian time

Some Other Projects

  1. Survive Research: Some tools to help you survive scientific research.

I am learning web front end technologies. As a practice, I built some projects for fun.

  1. Watch UV: A website that shows the UV Index using barchart and table.
  2. Sphinx Notebook: Use sphinx as notebook

For Fun

  1. Virtual Kitchen Project


  1. Physics
  2. Math


《Open Metric》是章鱼喵的(新的)小本本,加上这个Imaginary Research,就代替了原来的博客。旧本本时见疏星如果没有特别的情况就不再更新了。而且整个《时见疏星》博客已经备份到了这里

章鱼喵,目前在地球交流学习,在星际移民中心 (隶属于 Interplanetary Immigration Agency) 兼职行星生态开发 (PEI,planetary ecosystem improvement) 工作。所以偶尔会离开地球去完成星际移民中心指派的 PEI 工作,届时会跟大家失去联系。

这个小本本的主题是基于 Jekyll 的,使用了 ED 主题,做了很多修改和优化,添加了很多功能。

By Lei Ma